Steal This Book
Abbie Hoffman

“It’s embarrassing when you try to overthrow the government and end up on the best sellers’ list.” That, they say, was Abbie Hoffman’s response to the book’s massive success. Written as a collection of advice to activists in the America he referred to as “the pig empire”, Steal This Book long ago surpassed in impact and longevity the book that was intended to be the manifesto of the late 1960s radical student left – fellow Yippie Jerry Rubin’s Do It! (A book, by the way, that anyone interested in radical politics or the 60s counter-culture really ought to pick up, despite the fact that it didn’t quite make this list.)

Wanna grow pot? Make a bomb? Run away to form a commune? Get ridiculous stuff for free – including a buffalo courtesy of the U.S. government? Steal stuff – the only  truly moral response to an empire by and for corporations? Then do indeed start here. Steal Steal This Book and know why that tiny little outfit called the Yippies – who tried to run a pig for president and make a revolution on lots of sex, lots of drugs and a complete disdain for work – was both so important and so deluded.

I confess – we bought our copy. But it’s signed, so it was up high behind the counter, and the guy just wouldn’t leave his post at the till.